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Product function

This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. The device repeats the input signal from a control system to drive SMART I/P converters, electrical valves, and positioners located in a hazardous area. Digital signals are superimposed on the analog values at the field side or control side and are transferred bi-directionally. The current is transferred via a DC/DC converter and repeated at the output terminals. An open field circuit presents a high impedance to the control side to allow alarm conditions to be monitored by the control system. Test sockets for the connection of HART communicators are integrated into the terminals of the device

Product features

1-channel isolated barrier

24 V DC supply (Power Rail)

Current output up to 650 Ω load

HART I/P and valve positioner

Lead breakage monitoring

Housing width 12.5 mm

SIL 2 (SC 3) acc. to IEC/EN 61508

Transfer direction: to the field

HART communication

Safety Integrity Level (SIL): SIL 2

Rated voltage: 19~30 V DC

Signal: 1 x 0/4 ~ 20 mA

Application area

Industrial automation



KCD2-SCD-Ex1 Manual.pdf